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Small Businesses Unite!

Is it just me or does it feel like a very very long time ago when things were normal? but as a business owner you remember that even then you had so many challenges. Things have changed significantly now. The sad part is that the major damage is done to us small business owners; meanwhile amazon and big companies benefited greatly from the closure of local businesses.

As a photographic artist, I always love telling stories. I seek to tell the story of my subjects in all of my work in the different fields of photography. This makes me think that I can significantly help local businesses and stores with my new and so much better commercial services. Here is a quick outlook on what that looks like.


  • We will have a complimentary consultation.

  • I will listen to your needs.

  • I will come up with photographic ideas and graphics for your business based on your needs.

  • I will come in and take the photographs with these key elements of your business in mind

  • I will edit and organize

  • I will have them up for you to view and select

  • Select the ones you like or bundle up more images for discounted rates

  • I will take orders of any prints and deliver them to you.


  • A small hourly rate (discussed prior to the shoot)

  • a la carte pricing of each photograph

  • Package discounts available

  • For prints, I work with incredible local printing companies with the highest quality of products.


I don't like to be a one-hit wonder. I don't want you to call me for one and only time. I want to earn your trust and business for a long time. Which is why I always offer my best rates for my returning clients. Isn't that a beautiful relationship? Businesses are working on their image and opening again and visual content is what is necessary to stand out; I want to help you and your business.

"Don't wait... Each day, everyone else is improving."

Why does this make life so much easier? Because this is more of a promise to you that my work will wow you. This also reduces big payments in difficult times like these days.

You make one phone call and I will handle the rest for you; From art pieces for your office, headshots, or incredible commercial content to your business. You focus on your business and operation and I will make sure the content is so incredible and accessible to you in the easiest and best format possible.

Saman Dadafshar

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