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Artist Mission Statement:

Hi there,

I'm Saman, the founder of Best Side of Light, and I am so passionate about photographing stunning portraits, genuine candid moments, and narrate through photography.


Photography has always been my personal form of artistic expression. Best Side of Light Studios was born out of my deep love for photography and the desire to showcase the inherent beauty in every person and their unique journey.


I believe that photography is more than just taking photos; it's about weaving together a narrative and preserving memories that last a lifetime. My approach centers on creating a comfortable experience, allowing clients to be authentic. The most captivating portraits and candid shots come from genuine connections and the magic that unfolds when people let their guard down.


From weddings to personal milestones, I go beyond the surface to capture the deeper layers of emotion and story. I aim to create visually stunning portraits showcasing individual beauty and personality. I pay attention to every detail, capturing those fleeting, unscripted moments that reveal the essence.


In addition to photography, our cinematic videography brings stories to life, evoking emotions in powerful ways. I am passionate about preserving memories and consider it an honor to be a part of your journey, capturing moments that matter most and transforming them into timeless works of art.

As a photographic artist, I believe that the true beauty of photography lies in its authenticity and its ability to capture the world as it truly is. For me, the innocence of photography lies in its ability to tell a story without pretense or manipulation.

My goal as an artist is to remain true to this innocence and authenticity by capturing moments as they happen, without intervening or manipulating the scene. I believe that the best photographs are the ones that capture the raw emotion and genuine expression of the subject, rather than a staged or posed image.

I approach each photograph with the mindset of a storyteller, looking for the small details and nuances that reveal the true nature of the moment. Whether it's the way the light falls on a subject's face or the small gesture that conveys a deeper emotion, I strive to capture these fleeting moments and bring them to life through my images.

Ultimately, my goal as a photographic artist is to create images that are honest and true, and that capture the essence of the subject in a way that is both beautiful and authentic. By staying true to the innocence of photography, I hope to create images that stand the test of time and tell a story that is both compelling and truthful.

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