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Moments Unleashed

Weddings, Families, Headshots. Your Story, Our Lens

Genuine Smiles, Genuine Stories

Real smiles, real stories. Our lens captures the authenticity that makes your moments extraordinary. Welcome to Best Side of Light, where every photo speaks the language of authenticity and genuine connection.

True to You Photography

Photography that's true to you. Because authenticity never goes out of style

Best Side of Light, where every shot is a reflection of your unique personality and the authentic moments that define you."

Heartfelt Moments in Every Frame

Every click, a heartbeat. Every frame is a testament to the genuine moments shared.

We are your storytellers, weaving heartfelt moments into timeless memories.

Welcome to Best Side of Light Photography, your dedicated partner in capturing timeless moments that define your journey in San Diego and Southern California. Our passion lies in authentically preserving the unscripted stories of weddings, families, and professional milestones.


At Best Side of Light, we specialize in candid wedding photography, crafting images that resonate with the genuine emotions of your special day. Our lens is committed to seizing the raw beauty of each moment, ensuring your wedding memories are genuine, heartfelt, and everlasting in the vibrant settings of San Diego and across Southern California.


Our approach extends to family portraits, where we focus on creating genuine connections within your family against the stunning backdrops of Southern California. Additionally, our expertise in professional headshot photography is designed to capture the authentic and confident side of you, perfect for leaving a lasting impression in your professional endeavors throughout the San Diego region.


Choosing Best Side of Light means selecting a photography partner dedicated to authenticity, from the genuine smiles in family portraits to the heartfelt moments of your wedding day, all set against the picturesque landscapes of San Diego and Southern California. Join us in celebrating the magic of unscripted stories, beautifully framed by Best Side of Light.


Your journey, authentically captured. Best Side of Light – Where Every Click Tells Your Story in San Diego and Southern California.

Text or Call:  (858) 449-4634

San Diego, CA based

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