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Why are some senior photos uncomfortable?

I seriously can not believe how I have gone this long and not made Senior portrait and graduation photography sessions my focus! Hi, if you don't already know me to allow me to quickly introduce myself; I am a photographic storyteller based out of San Diego. I was born in Iran and moved to the United States at 12. I think, growing up in 2 completely different countries made me look through my eyes differently. I was always interested in human interaction and really looked at the faces and eyes carefully. I didn't know at the time when that was happening what I was doing but later on, when photography became my passion I realized I was studying and reading people.

These days, I always look for those eyes and emotions in my portraits. That person has to be so comfortable in front of the camera in a short amount of time to let their guard down. In order to make this happen? I use all my tricks in my arsenal. We play music, we talk and show genuine interest in your graduate. Because every story is different and I have yet to meet two people the same. So how does this go into senior portraits? I love that these sessions resemble a fresh start to the biggest chapter of their lives; adulthood. I want to tell their story of where they've been and where they are going. I want them to be comfortable and at ease. It should be fun, not uncomfortable.

These sessions are themed and designed aournd your graduate. So, let's have a chat; tell me a little about them. If I am lucky enough to be your photographer, I will have our photographs posted on your private gallery and you can choose which images are to your liking. Pick and enjoy the prints that come your way. I love printing on acrylic! and I also have other formats such as canvas and the highest quality fine paper prints. Basically, I am here to create art with you and something you will cherish forever and beautiful to be placed in your home.

If you were impacted by the recent events and you are financially suffering, please let me know so I can do my best to accommodate as well. I have lowered my rates to the lowest and changed my business to be easier on folks. let's have a chat and let's create beautiful art together.

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