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Guide to what camera is best for photography and creating content for creators

Whether it is for Streaming, Vlog, Youtube, or Photography, a great camera is a must have for every occasion, But what Camera should you use? With so many cameras out there, it is hard to figure out what camera is best for what you need and want. Problem also is so many technical specs jumping out you that you ask yourself "what do I need?" well, I have made a little video below to tell you what you should be looking for.

Instead of camera models or brands, focus on the type of camera.

Is a phone camera the best camera? at times and depending on use, ABSOLUTELY; but, do I recommend it for everything? nope!

Photography Workshops and Mentoring:

Here is a summary of the video below. Have your camera and ready to learn? I also offer workshops and classes. Ready to learn? ask about my "Intro into manual shooting" course. My fun way of teaching you the most important lesson in photography.

3 different camera types:

Phones and Tablets:


  • Great for Simplicity.

  • With tablets now with so many capabilities, creating content on the go could not be easier.

  • Very good performance in daytime

  • Discrete and can go anywhere


  • Overall cost is not cheap.

  • Lack Manual controls.

  • Low performance in low-light and action.

DSLR or Mirrorless cameras:

Entry Level:


  • Larger Sensor for better low-light performance

  • Interchangable lenses with so many available options

  • Can be fully automatic or have available controls for creative shooting

  • Proven Tech and least expensive


  • Another thing to carry

  • Do usually require some basic or complex software.

Professional Line:

  • Largest sensor (full-frame) for best low-light situations

  • Tough against the elements

  • More controls available on camera for quicker performance

  • Can still perform fully automatically.


  • The most expensive option

  • Higher cost of operation

  • Is best used with higher quality lenses.

Which do I recommend? Most content creators out there are using cameras from the beginner DSLR and mirrorless cameras. They are flexible and with wifi and face detection, they are easy to use. I'd say if you are more towards creating video, then go towards the direction of Sony; but for photography related cameras, you can't go wrong with Canon and Nikon. Those brands have years of available lens and technology out there and if you don't mind buying used, then you can save a lot of money.

If you do buy used, there are sites like the ones below who do sell used verified gear.

There are also some rental online stores who sell their used gear but I still prefer a camera that has not been used by multiple people.

If you want to purchase from Private seller, make sure you don't make any payment other than PayPal Goods and Services and never a gift or another form of payment (just trust me)

Need your one on one workshop? I offer online or in person classes; fun, informative, and something you can take with you in every field of photography.

Saman Dadafshar

(858) 449-4634

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