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Time-lapse of my photography editing process

Photography is really divided into two parts. The photos themselves and the editing after. Most really think about the day of the shoot but the post-production is very important. It's the images you get back and they have to be perfect! These days photography is in the most digital time of its existence. Not to sound old but I started from film and I love that it was so honest. Now digital gimmicks and presets are the dominating images you see on Instagram. Even my iPhone is now trying to mimic what my very expensive camera does. It's a hate/love relationship at times and that's why I don't use presets and I touch up every image I return individually. yes, every! why? Because trends go away and later on, you have images that look good in 2018, not 2050. The part about staying true to the editing process is that your images are timeless. They will never look or feel old, cause you looked exactly like how you looked. That's the ulimate goal.

so below is a video of the process of what one engagement session entails. This was a 2 hour shoot and 6 hours of work done in post production for the finished album. Let me show you :)

here are my steps:

1. Input all images

2. Cycle through and start picking out the best

3. Start rating the images and save all the strong images

4. Adjust basic editing: Exposure, Contrast, Brightness and etc...

5. Cycle back and more fine-tuning of each image: Skin touch, remove imperfections, crop and more fine tuning in all the little details.

6. Process all the edited photos.

7. Client viewing of the process images

8. Client reviews gallery access.

9. Uploaded images to online gallery.

10. Prints and media orders are complete and shipped.

below you will see a video of an engagement session editing and process and you can access this album here.

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