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Not all prints are equal

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Have you ever had someone tell you that clothes are just clothes? or a car is just a car? Truth is for some, it is; in photography, that misunderstanding happens in regards to prints or in different types of printing media. I have studied hours and hours on products and what is worth the investment and what might not be so much. This is why I've spent an incredible amount on photography, lighting, and printing equipment.

When It comes to prints, oh my goodness! it's so hard! I used to look at cost first and then I studied the art of printing and different media and find out why there is such a variance in cost. Truth is, quality is costly, very costly. So to better help my clients and protect the work that I care so passionately about, I've teamed up with some incredible labs. Great quality and reasonably priced prints will make the experience that much better. Below I have some brief descriptions of what I offer through my sessions.

New in 2022

Canvas and Acrylic Groupings

Do you have a large wall in the house and you can't figure out what to do with it? you can't just have a single photo, can you? Well, I am excited to announce groupings! Yes! In addition to the awesome print solutions I have, I have added one of my favorite things.

I love these so much because there is no second-guessing and annoying measurement tricks and equations. Measure the size of the wall you like to have it display your favorite images and based on the size of the wall, we will come up with a design best for your home.

Fine Art Print:

I love to have control of prints as much as I can, so I have invested in one of my favorite tools. A high-end quality printer that offers the finest quality of print for a long-lasting print life. I love these for the timeless look. Framing is important and considered that to be something you want to invest in.

Traditional Canvas Wrap:

How can you go wrong with canvas? they are beautiful and have a gorgeous finish to them. Consider them for locations away from direct sunlight and they look great under a soft display light.

Wood Floating Framed Canvas:

This is such an excellent way to make your canvas prints stand out. They are framed around with a slight gap to create separation and best part, it's available in a variety of sizes!

Canvas Standout:

Beautiful wood frame to frame your canvas prints. Unlike the floating frames, these have no gap. However, for a very modern yet classic look, go for the mat around your canvas for some fresh looks.


What if you are the kind of person who says "Prints and canvas are too old school! what's new?"

Well, say hello to Acrylic. This is a gorgeous print with a glass look (Acrylic) on top. They are bold and crisp. I love them for images that are slightly less busy since they show incredible details.

General Cost:

Fine Print: Starting at $25 (8x10)

Canvas: Starting at $33 (8x10)

Floating Canvas: Starting at $66 (8x10)

Framed Canvas: $90 (16X20)

Acrylic: Starting at $100 (16x20)

Are you planning on having multiple prints? head over here for the family photography section. I have put together a few packages that can save you a few dollars :)

Ready to book a session? feel free to contact me

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