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Biggest Trip, Biggest step forward

It is Tuesday and I am in Starbucks trying to make a list of all that I have no packed yet; 25 hours and 30 minutes before I officially hit the road in my ultimate van (see pics) but who is counting right? haha. 3700 miles of on road driving is about to be taken on and 9 places to stop by in 8 days. Doable? possibly, easy? not very but the excitement is overwhelming. A soul, a van and the open road (hopefully). I will sleep in cold and in rain or snow for one purpose and it's not photography; it is to live. You see, I am a dreamer. I picture a place so real that it becomes so real that I go and live in my head and it's a beautiful thing; but, a dreamer becomes lost if he dreams too much. So, what I have wanted before is going to be mine and what I have lost, I will use to propel forward and it starts by small dreams becoming real. Make no mistake, I will exhaust my camera, gear and my body to make sure I come back with the greatest photography I have ever done in my life. I wanna be old one day and look back at each and remember what I actually lived through and wasn't a dream. I want you to come with me. Hopefully you'll feel as if you are coming with. I will try to keep this blog updated. Follow me on my instagram to follow every step. Come along.

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