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Surprised Engagement of Nathan and Katie

I was thrilled when I received a call from Linda (Katie's mom) about this idea of a proposal at the Europa Village Winery in Temecula, California, I had to say yes. Typical of me to want to do more than just a couple of photos.

After many calls and planning, we decided it was best for me to be a professional creep. So after arriving early and meeting family, I began to find corners to hide but I didn't have much time as Nathan was on a mission. Funny enough, Katie almost bumped into me lol.

There was a wedding taking place that day so we found a small window to snap some photos at the Gazebo. Take a look below to see the frantic chase by me and a few snaps of the beautiful moment.

Family and friends, the link to the gallery is here; Please ask your hosts for the password. Enjoy looking :)

It was an absolute pleasure and I wish you guys nothing but endless love and adventures.




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