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Reception of Courtney and Gabe

It was a beautiful evening in downtown San Diego at Luce on Kettner. I was approached by Julie (Courtney's mom) to capture their casual reception as they've had a wedding for the beautiful couple already and this was a gathering for all the rest of family & friends. It was a very fun few hour; we went from a cute first look and then to a surprise toast and followed by a beautiful evening.

Luce is beautiful and has charm and the light comes in so dramatically close to sunset thanks to big windows facing the west towards the ocean. With the orange glow of the sun and the rustic tones, I decided to keep the warm tones and continued off of that.

For color grading, I wanted to use that same tone without too much warmth while keeping the skin tone natural.

Take a look at a few samples below and then enjoy the full album by clicking the link here. Guests and family, please ask your host for the password. Have a great time browsing. ;)

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