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My Camera Is Staying Home

Hi friends,

My camera is staying home for all the right reasons and we need to have an honest conversation. Friends, I love to take your photographs and it's a passion of mine but it's not as casual for me, let me explain

In the beginning of 2020, I made a commitment to be more than a photographer and I wanted to be an artist; what does that mean?

When I take portraits, I am not just snapping a photo, I am planning your shoot. I plan by getting ideas, studying location, studying light, getting the right gear, "what lenses are best?", etc; In fact, I think of photography as "how can I use my camera as a brush?" so when I take photographs, I compose, meter and study light and do the necessary steps for me to create at the end in editing. These 3 steps, from brainstorming, shooting, and post production is what you see on my site, social media and everywhere else. so, when you ask "let's take some photos!" or "bring your camera", it gives me anxiety.

Why? because I take this creative process seriously and my goal is to take the best photo I can every time I pick up my camera and as much as I'd love to take your photographs, my camera bag is staying home unless we plan a proper shoot to where I can do my best for you.

On a proper photography session, I can make sure I have everything in place to create the best photographs or videos for you and that is why I have affordable rates and my work is guaranteed; so there is no good reason why we can't create beautiful content together and that is my passion. Will I take care of you? of course! I always appreciate the trust you show in me and my work to allow me to document your special moments and you will certainly see the value of your investment.

So let's shoot! I'd love to have you and I can't wait to brainstorm and make it all about what makes you so special

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