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I was so touched when my friend Fran called me to ask if I could snap just a "few" photos of her and her amazing now-husband, Ed. Well, it turns out it was full of beautiful moments and lots of families so I started to snap away.

Sometimes I get questions about what is the difference between event photography and my portrait sessions; well, here is a great example. In events like these, I love to have the freedom to document while I can be creative. Mixing candid and some directions and group photos is the way to be.

It is amazing how different people have different perspectives on photography; for me as an artist, I want to capture while I don't disturb; allowing emotions and true personalities to shine. In recent weeks I've had bookings based on just that in my photos I've shared and received compliments such as "Your photos tell a story" "Your photographs are engaging" and one of my favorites "Your photos are natural". I get teary-eyed when I hear this because it shows that my mission as a photographic storyteller is being received.

Family and friends, the link to the gallery are here; Please ask your hosts for the password. Enjoy looking :)

Ed and Fran, thank you for the opportunity and I hope you absolutely love the photos. Wishing you an endless amount of happiness and love.




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