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Jessica & John Garcia Wedding

I was photographing a wedding where Susy (The beautiful bride) had Jessica and John as guests and right away Jessica was fun and was already loving the energy I had and we had agreed that I was going to be their photographer. Well, that was before covid; Covid had other ideas.

It didn't matter because, after 3 years of waiting and changing dates, we didn't skip a beat. The energy was spectacular and nothing in wedding photos is more precious than capturing real smiles and energy of the guests and everyone who is around the lovely couple.

The venue was gorgeous as always at Junipero Serra Museum, San Diego, CA. Beautiful park and historic architecture.

Take a look at a few photos below and for the full gallery, hit the button below and use the password provided by Jessica and John. Would you like to purchase them a gift in print? reach out to me via email for details: Contact

Jessica and John are so fun and so natural toward each other and they already look like a beautiful married couple who can finish each other's sentences.

Jessica and John, I wish you so many wonderful adventures ahead. I hope your life is full of beautiful days.

Watch their beautiful film below.

When it came to their wedding video, I had a hard time staying on my original promise of a highlight reel, WEDDINGS ARE MORE THAN THAT!!! Sorry for the screaming but it's true. lol

It's such a story and it's so beautiful and it's so full of moments from laughs to tears and to "wait, what did he just say?!"

I love a mix of styles when it comes to wedding films; Documentary, Cinematography, and Action best show a wedding from start to finish. When it comes to weddings, I want them to tell a complete story and most importantly, I want to make sure the personalities of each person are captured elegantly. During the day we dance and made jokes and I used my best to get everyone to be themselves. It's my favorite thing to do, if the laugh is forced, then I don't want it.

I used to wonder "what makes a great photographer or videographer?" "Is it technical knowledge? is it the equipment? what is it?" then by working with other great photographers and mentors, I saw their ability to connect to their subject and when you do, the rest is just magic.

I love what I do. It's hard and time-consuming but you remember why you love it when you can sit back and watch a film you put together and even you get emotional.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend,


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