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Holiday Photography Minis

This holiday season, I'd love to invite you for some fun and not so mini sessions . This isn't a mini session, with online gallery, your own selection of photos, complimentary 11x16 canvas print, option for extra photos and other print solutions, you are making no compromises. I am a true believer in quality over quantity and by having 40 minutes together, we get to explore our surroundings and end up with different composition and looks so your photographs are different from each scene and you have plenty of options.

What's included in this "mini" session? a online gallery for 30 days to review the photos of the day and make your choosing of your 5 complimentary photos and purchase any extra photos you absolutely love. Choose the photo you like to have for your gorgeous canvas print and it'll be shipped conveniently to you. All of your photos are done with the artistic touch you see on my platforms. Colors are beautiful and the edits are never destructive so photos can be authentic and timeless. All of this for just $280!

With great place around San Diego, we have unlimited resources to outdoors and places for great outdoor locations however, we can always take this opportunity indoors in some local professional studios at the addition of the studio rental rate.

These mini sessions are limited to availability and limited space and are themed to your liking, so you don't want holiday photos? perfect! let's do something you've always wanted to but haven't. You haven't done a photoshoot with me before? this is a great chance! with a complimentary consultation and planning and money back guarantee assurance, there is no better time than now AND you have a chance to save now with my lowest price of the year! who isn't excited?

Ready to become your own hero and give yourself a proper gift? contact me now for a complimentary consultation. Need a gift idea? don't forget, you can always offer this as a gift to a loved one. Contact me and let's make magic together.

Phone: Text or Call: (858) 449 4634

Saman Dadafshar, (Sâmân Dâdafshâr) is a San Diego based photographer Storyteller. He believes that every single thing we see can have a story to tell in the right composition. He lives through his passion of narrative photographer who can guide his audience on an adventure through his eyes with his unique style of storytelling. He continues to work as a freelance photographer based out of San Diego, California specializing in event and portraitures and currently working on his project called “Encounter”.


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