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Professional Headshot Photographer San Diego

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I was looking at my own resume the other day and I noticed it was outdated and I even looked at my own headshots and noticed they were old and could be better. I then looked around and it seemed like people for the lack of finding affordable headshots, or they think it's a difficult process; well here at Saman Dadafshar Photography, My goal is to make it as simple and affordable as possible.

One way to keep my photography services affordable is to put you in charge. You can select your photography with the time and the number of photos returned to you beautifully edited to look your best.

So you can book your session for as long as you need or as short. Keep in mind, I recommend at least half and hour to an hour for multiple looks and outfits. Come to the best San Diego professional headshots photographer and walk away with perfect beautiful photos for LinkedIn, facebook or any social media and profiles of your choosing.

Need headshot ideas? I have some for you right here.

  1. Keep it simple! Your clothes are important and when we discuss headshot ideas for you, we will discuss whether we will do full body or keep it above waist.

  2. As far as tops, try to avoid patterns for the most part and avoid reflective material and fabric.

  3. Top Colors: This we will discuss and I will have a backdrop to fit the look we are going for but I always encourage a neutral or lighter tone and then a richer tone such as navy blue and red are a great choice. This way you can have 2 completely different looks and with different lighting set ups, you can have such a huge collection of sampled photos to select the ones you like and not for the ones you don't like.

What types of headshots photos? Well, I love everybody and the uniqueness of each individual. From headshots for actors or headshots for police or corporate headshots, I welcome them all. Having a headshot photographer near you is even easier because I have created my studio for the most part to be mobile. Want me to come to your house and have you take your headshots from the convenience of your home? I'll come to you. Since I am San Diego based, I can provide my photography in San Diego county and southern California.


I am offering a low $100 for the first hour (includes $25 booking fee) hourly fee of $75 after and prices of each image is $20 with discounts for multiple pictures purchased. As you can see, this is beyond affordable and pushes me to make as many beautiful headshots in the time we are together.


These digital photos are 8x12 size and high resolution and they will be available to download to your device directly. how easy is that?

Would you like $25 off your headshots?

Simply subscribe to my email list and you receive $25 towards your first booking! yayy

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