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Encounter Portrait Project

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

We have at some point in our lives had a moment when we locked eyes or came across someone in a place we haven't been and at that moment we feel something. From lust, love, admiration, and a feeling that stays with us for some time or maybe a lifetime. Hi, I'm Saman and I love great stories; and as a photographer, I love narrating one through the lens.

What is a great photograph? when it stirs up communication between the photographer and his audience longer than a glance. Whenever the viewer pauses and looks at the photograph in more detail and observes the element is when I believe a photograph accomplished its primary goal. Now what that story could be is where the fun is.

So "Encounter", Encounter is my portrait project which will be a combination of technical elements with a film/Cinematic look and feel. It's about a human connection that comes at a glance. When you lock eyes with someone in public; a complete stranger or maybe someone you know but it's a moment, it's a connection, it's a mystery. It takes place in random ordinary public places and draws the audience in. Essentially, I am creating a very natural and beautiful rare moment that we rarely get to experience and it will be the most challenging work I have ever taken on. I love my models and subjects to be in a very comfortable state, so they can be themselves and show natural emotion. This project will take this part of my work to a whole new level. I want to create that moment with different faces in different locations to best work with the elements of each photograph. Click here for the Mood board > (Pinterest mood board here)


I love to work with you. When I work with models or people, I actually look for facial expressions and how they can fit the location and the story of their photographed environment, and for that reason, I love working with all types of faces and looks for this project but please be mindful that it has to fit the location, tonality, and overall fit for the project so if you like to be part of this project, let me know you are interested and I will do my best to place you in the project.

Compensation for models:

There is no external funding for this project yet; however, I like to make sure I am always considerate of your time and commitment so here are the options:

Compensation: Please send me your rate and I will do my best to see if I can budget you in. Please keep in mind this option, photos will not be included; however, I'd be honored to provide you photos for a small rate.

Trade: If you like to donate your time and efforts in exchange for images returned for your portfolio; then I'd love to have you. We will discuss the project ahead of time and go over the time and what you receive in return.

Ways to support:

Get your own photos at these themed shoots:

Come and get your portraits done with your own theme. I'd love to create work on location. I'd have time dedicated to us and you will be treated the same as every one of my clients. I'll organize the photos, edit the ones you love, and upload them for you to your private gallery.


I've never asked for funding for anything but if you think this is something you like to do, well then you are amazing and I will be forever grateful. There are special deals just for you and you can find that page here.

First Trip:

The Salton Sea with my talented good friend Tammy (Instagram) to scout and snap a few

photos and get ready for a big trip after. If you like to join us, feel free to message me and we can coordinate with you.

Here are just a few of her amazing works you can find here. Be sure to check out her Instagram also.


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