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Cathy and Ricardo

I was approached by a very good friend of mine Ricardo a few months ago. He told me how he and "my girl" are getting married soon and he was wondering if you could help him with the photography. I was thrilled for the opportunity because it's always more special when I know someone and I took it as what can I do for a friend of mine to make his day special. Ricardo already had a photographer for his wedding but wanted me to cover him and his groomsmen and a part of his wedding. I am so glad I went against my usual work-flow because I am so happy that I was there.

Ricardo and Cathy are dynamite together. They have adorable bickering of an old lovable couple. They feed off each other so well and are beyond cute together. Their love for each other was very apparent during our little engagement shoot. Below is the gallery of their day.

Here are a few guides to help you in the gallery.

  • Your email gives me a chance to look at your order and stay in contact. You will not get spam, I promise.

  • Once inside, look around the entire album, each email address gets it's own free download of any of the images you choose. Like a photo? order it! It will look even better on your wall.

  • Want a few photos? Use the collection option to save more money.


I'd love to hear your thoughts. Drop by and tell me about your experience.

(858) 449-4634

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