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25th Anniversary like it was yesterday

There is something so special about about recreating special occasions and moments. I met Luz through a referral and I loved the idea right away. Luz had a beautiful 25h anniversary party planned with her loved ones and family and wanted to make sure the day is captured beautifully and asked me for recommendations. There was the challenge of location with Luz since their location was in Los Angeles but I loved the conversation so much that I said yes.

What was special about the conversation was a question I learned from a photographer friend of mine. "What part of my work have you liked the most?" Luz proceeded to tell me so many compliments that I was blushing on the phone. She appreciated the story in the photos and how they look and feel natural and energetic. I've worked hard and learned this to be the most significant part about photography and having a client see and love it is the ultimate satisfaction so I couldn't wait!

The day was broken down into 3 segments: Family photos in Claremont College in Covina, Ceremony in a beautiful church, and reception photos at a estate of friends near by.

Below is a few samples photos from the shoot and the entire album is in the gallery and link below.

Password is provided by hosts

Enjoy the photos,


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