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Gear looking for new home

Hello my friends,

I've been a photographer for almost 10 years now and you tend to end up with a few pieces of gear over the years; so, instead of holding on to gear that I don't use, I wanted to put a few looking for a new home.

Each gear is in perfect working condition and I will include a short description and honest view of each so you can be sure the gear is exactly what you like.

All items listed are available till marked sold. Enjoy viewing and let me know if you are interested in any of the gear.

Canon Ef 50mm 1.4

This is one of the first lenses I purchased. You can never go with a good 50mm in your arsenal. Canon does make a few 50mm lenses. This Ef mount one is one of their best without breaking the bank and getting the L-Series 50 which is $1,399.00.


  • Much better glass than the pancake Ef lens.

  • Ef mount works with older cameras and new

  • Focus ring read out. allowing you to focus without having to look through the camera. (perfect for discrete street work)

  • Super fast at f1.4.

  • Price


  • at f-stop 1.4, she tends to be a little too soft and not as sharp. It's a known design element of this lens. Although usually you want to be super sharp, it does create a soft dreamy feel. at 1.8 and higher apertures, it is sharp and fun.


Canon Ef 85mm 1.8

This lens I bought this mostly for its sharpness when I am working with portraits and headshots. 85mm is a great lens for this work since it's so flattering and has great lens compression to keep the backdrop nice and tidy. I just don't use her as much as I like and for the most part, she sits on the shelf. Canon makes an incredible L-Series 85mm 1.2 which is a dream but I didn't get it for one very great reason, the L-Series lens has so much glass and optics and it takes a second for it to focus making it difficult to use on kids and pets and other fast-moving subjects; so I saved a lot of money and got a lens that's sharp and fast. L-Series range from $1,599.00 - $1,999.00.


  • 1.8 is quick and has a beautiful drop-off.

  • Ef mount makes it compatible with older and mirrorless bodies.

  • Focus ring read out. allowing you to focus based on the distance for the street and other times where you need to be discrete.

  • Extremely sharp and one of the highest-rated lenses by canon.

  • Great for portraits, products, and streets. It's a lens for every use.


  • None

Constant lights:

Phopik constant lights

This light setup comes with two soft boxes and stands and a spare bulb making it a very affordable way to add lights for photos and videos. I've used this for one of my favorite projects where I was mimicking celebrity headshots.


  • Everything you need with no other part needed to get going.

  • White consistent light without producing too much heat so no need for fans.

  • An extra bulb in case you have one of those accidents.


  • None really but I would recommend these in low-light situations.


You have to have a reflector in your arsenal. It's a must. With one side silver or white and the other gold, you can be creative while using natural light to fill light where you need it without having to carry lights and other bulky items.

$20 each.

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